Anhad Film on the 10th Day of the Indefinite Hunger Strike

A BBC Round up of all the Azadi Music: Why an Indian ‘freedom’ speech has become a viral remix

When an Indian university student leader charged with sedition chanted slogans about “freedom”, it struck a chord in the country – literally. The speech has been set to music, mixed with dubstep and inspired a crop of anthems, writes BBC Monitoring’s Samiha Nettikkara.

Source: Why an Indian ‘freedom’ speech has become a viral remix – BBC News

Azadi video: based on Dub Sharma’s Azadi track


Sambhaji Bhagat, Amol Deolekar and Others: Blue Nation

The Azadi Song sung by Pushpavathy

Karwan-e-Fikr: Kanhaiya JNU & Rohith Song-1


Karwan-e-Fikr: Kanhaiya Song


AZADI Song By Pushpavathi – at Trichur, Kerala


Desh Ki Halat Dekh Ke Babu | This song from Karwan-e-fikr in Bihar


Hitlar’s reaction to Umar Khalid and Anirban’s bail


Multi-lingual video by the students of K. R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts, Kottayam

Aazaadi – Anhad Khanna Ft. Umar Khalid & Kanhaiya Kumar – YouTube

Mein Nahin manta, Mein Nahin Janta- dedicated to Umar, Ban and SAR Geelani #Habib Jalib’s Poetry – YouTube

Rossi D Souza’s Anti-National Anthem


“JNU Walls” by students of FTII, Pune


Donkey Hot Hai – Parody – Sedition

Taimur Rahman of Laal Band dedicated this song to students, teachers and staff of JNU.

Kovan of People’s Art and Literary Association Singing in Solidarity with JNU


MojoJojo: Yeh Ladai (featuring Umar Khalid)

Dub Sharma: Azadi | Featuring Kanhaiya and Friends