Hari Krishnan M S, March 25, 10.45 PM

This is that darkest time, when songs are heard behind the bars of central jail,songs sung by 25 students of HCU along with 2 professors.2 days ago we spectated the draconian state police repression on students of university who were asking justice for Rohith. Police under the order given by Appa Rao, dragged these fighting students to the police van.After the incident police was giving threats to the arrested students also harrasing the faculties in the van. Finally after a long murky episode of police handling they were taken to the district magistrate’s court at 11 o clock in the night next day, where they were remanded.After a long moment of grief and anguish we met the arrested students and faculties today in jail. The fire in their eyes and the rigour in their voices ignited us in seconds. All of them after this much torture and tension are still in much courage to face the state repression at any extent. Inside the police van Prof. Ratnam was brutally tortured and students who started to resist were assaulted along with Sir. While students were tortured police termed them as ‘anti national’,girls of this campus were compared with prostitutes. The students with long hair and beard had to fight more since moral policing along with beating took place. But they are more lively than all of us with a dream that campus will be the place where we are not faced with incidents like 17th January. All of them stood together behind the bars with eyes of hope towards their beloved campus and firmly said to us, go ahead for justice, there are just few steps to get victory. Revolutionary greetings to all the arrested comrades and we will fight until they get bail. We shall fight and we shall win.






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