Student’s Union 2015-16 Press Release (22/03/2016) on the Brutal Attack of Police on Peacefully Protesting Students.

The Telangana police unleashed brutal attack on students who were peacefully protesting for the arrest of Vice-Chancellor P. Appa Rao who resumed office in a covert manner after a long leave. P. Appa Rao was compelled to go on a long leave post the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula followed by nation-wide protest demanding resignation and arrest of P. Appa Rao under prevention of SC/ST atrocities act. There is a FIR filed against P. Appa Rao and his anticipatory bail plea was not accepted by the court. After P. Appa Rao went on a long leave, the university community decided to resume the functioning of university while continuing to protest to seek justice for Rohith Vemula. There is also a Judicial Committee inquiring the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula. In these circumstances P. Appa Rao returned to the campus with the vicious motive of disrupting the functioning of the university. By the act of returning P. Appa Rao did not only disrespect the university community but also disrupting the judicial process.

The Telangana State government and police did not arrest a prime suspect of Rohith’s murder on whom the FIR is filed and whose anticipatory bail is not accepted by the High Court, instead is protecting the culprit. This brings suspicion on credibility of the State government and the police. We would like to ask why the state government led by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is reluctant to arrest people who commit atrocities against Dalits but are more than will to brutally assault and arrest the protesters demanding justice for Rohith Vemula. Today, when P. Appa Rao resumed his office, students and faculties of the university peacefully protested demanding the police to arrest P. Appa Rao. The Telangana police not only provided protection to P. Appa Rao but also lathi charged students and faculties. The brutal police did not spare the women students and senior faculties like Prof. K.Y Ratnam. The brutal attack by police severely injured more than 100 students among them some are suffering from serious head injuries and fractures on limbs. The police detained around 40 students including students’ union Vice-President Venkatesh Chowhan and Professor K.Y. Ratnam and Prof. Thathagat.

Students’ Union condemns the police, Telangana State government and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for protecting P. Appa Rao and brutally attacking the students. Such activities prove that this State government is acting against the interest of students and against Dalits in particular. We demand immediate action to be taken against the police personals who ordered for lathi charge. We demand the arrest of P. Appa Rao. We demand that the detained students and Professors must be released immediately.

We request the university of Hyderabad fraternity and progressive people all over the nation to protest against the anti-student and anti-Dalit Telangana State and the National government. Our struggle for social Justice will continue and will only gain more strength due to these attacks.

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