Update from HCU, via Muhammed Afzal P and Navadeep Pannala, March 25, 10 pm

Via Navadeep Pannala

This is to inform you all that strong local support is building up in Hyderabad for the students and faculty of University of Hyderabad. Here are some of the details.
a) During the two day shut down of UOH by the administration, students and faculty of EFLU and others sent food to UOH. Lamakaan opened their canteen to the students. A few offered their homes to the students who may have wanted to leave the campus.
b) On the legal front, support has poured in from the faculty and students. The faculty have offered generous support to stand surety for their students. Also crowds of students and faculty are in the court to express solidarity.
A team of human rights lawyers, consisting of V. Raghunath, U.D.Bhim Rao, Md.Shakeel and Vasudha Nagaraj a coalition of civil liberties, dalit, minority and feminist lawyers is handling the bail petitions of the students and the faculty. The team went around the city to different police stations in search of the detained teachers and students on 23rd March. Not able to trace them, they decided to move a house motion at the residence of the Chief Justice of the AP HC but were asked to do so next morning. On 24th morning, learning that the arrested people were remanded to judicial custody in the midnight, they decided to move the bail petitions. Unfortunately the magistrate reserved the orders for Monday and we are keeping the fingers crossed.
As of now, money does not seem to be the problem.
c) Meanwhile the TRS government, probably in a move to save itself from the embarrassment has distanced itself from the police brutality and has termed the VC as an implant of the coastal Kamma lobby. So there is a rift in the existing ruling establishment.
CPI and the other left parties as well as the Telangana JAC members are trying to meet the ministers to appeal for the withdrawal of the police from the campuses. Local AAP and TISS, Hyderabad have moved State Human Rights Commission which summoned the VC on 26th March.
Human rights groups – HRF, CLC and CLMC have put out strong statements condemning police brutality on campus and have demanded that the cases be withdrawn.
d) HCU alumni has put out a strong letter in support of the students. People not only from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai but abroad are writing/calling/contacting many of us to know what support they can provide and what statements they can put out.
e) The local media especially the television channels are not covering the UOH happening much. When they do, the coverage is anti-student and pro university administration. Except the Hindu and the TOI, the newspapers are also not supportive.
f) Last but the most important, an independent Judicial Commission with retired judges is being planned to inquire into the happenings at UOH in the coming ten days.
concerned people!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/MohammedAfzalP/posts/1773746166180391


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