FEDCUTA Press Statement on Hyderabad Central University Crisis



The FEDCUTA strongly condemns the police crackdown on students and teachers of Hyderabad Central University, a constituent of FEDCUTA, and demands the immediate removal of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Appa Rao Podile.

The VC and his team of administrators are yet again responsible for unleashing a series of extremely unfortunate events that have led to a full-blown crisis for the students and teachers in the campus. On 22nd March 2016, the VC, against whom the enquiry on charges of inciting and abetting Rohith Vemula’s suicide are still pending, returned to work and through an apparently pre-planned course of events, allowed the CRPF and RAF to enter the campus and attack agitating students and teachers. The VC’s Machiavellian ploy to fan further unrest among students who have been demanding his removal and justice for Rohith Vemula, is a part of a larger conspiracy to lay siege on the University and crush the democratic movement of its students and teachers. It has resulted in barbaric police violence, hostel raids, the arrest of 36 students and 2 teachers on false and trumped up charges. The administrative decision to shut water supply, messes, electricity and internet in the campus, and the resulting prison-like situation leading to near-starvation conditions of thousands of students can only be classified as war-crimes in any civilised society.

The FEDCUTA has also learnt that students who had tried to organise ‘community-kitchens’ were attacked by the police and some of them have been grievously injured. It is shocking and deplorable that aided by the tacit consent of the governments at the Centre and State, the University administration is indulging in a politics of revenge against the bonafide students and teachers.

The FEDCUTA pledges solidarity with the ongoing democratic movement at HCU and condemns the coercive HCU administration. It appeals to the MHRD to immediately respond to the following demands:

1.Release  all students and faculty from police custody and drop charges against them

2. Restore normalcy in the campus and ensure dialogue with the students on their demands

3. Remove Prof. Appa Rao from the position of Vice Chancellor and institute a judicial enquiry into the barbaric crackdown on students and teachers of HCU.

4. Take strict action against all those guilty of abetment to the Rohith Vemula’s suicide

5.  Institute a Rohith Act to prevent caste discrimination in educational institutions

Nandita Narain                                                Ajay Patnaik
(President, FEDCUTA)                              (Secretary, FEDCUTA)

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