Rajat Dutta: Limericks on the Minister of Culture

I just read that the minister of culture in Modi’s cabinet has said that JNU like situations are bad for tourism in India.

Some time back he had said something assinine about cleaning our culture of many impurities. That time I’d written nine limericks on him, which I’d posted on my blog.

Today I selected some of those limericks and added one on JNU, and am posting them for you.’
Have fun!

A Great Minister of Culture

There is a certain cultural minister,
who tries not to look overtly sinister,
but it so comes to pass,
he leaves odorous gas,
when he opens his oral canister.

A cultural man of some dubious distinction,
being worried about his culture’s extinction,
woke up one day,
and wanted to have his say,
on matters on which he had no comprehension.

A cultural minister in cloud cuckoo land,
who wanted to become a one man band,
so he started to play,
and began to bray,
while scratching his unmentionable with one hand.

Now that this culture minister knew,
That his bosses had a royal JNU screw,
Tourists would stop coming to the country,
And therefore ruin his sanskritic sophistry,
Which he decided could be blamed on JNU.

— March 5

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