An emergency JNUSU council meeting held on 16th March 2016 has passed the following resolution

The JNUSU has expressed its concern over the composition, terms of reference and functionality of the High Level Enquiry Committee (HLEC). We have communicated to the JNU administration how the HLEC has violated principles of natural justice in the enquiry process. The JNU administration has neither addressed our concerns nor has taken any steps regarding this. Without addressing these concerns no free and fair enquiry is possible. Now students have been served show cause notices which hold them guilty. The accused have not even been given the entire enquiry report despite the demand raised by the JNUSU. The accused students have not even been told the specific charges against them. The JNUSU will oppose any disciplinary action based upon the findings of this partial and biased enquiry.

Proposer: Shehla Rashid

Seconder: Satarupa Chakraborty

In favour: 18
Against: 3
Abstain: 1

Resolution Passed.

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