JNUSU release on gag order against photocopy shops

Emergency like Gag Order by Delhi Police and JNU Administration!

Banning Photocopy of Posters and Pamphlets Inside and Outside JNU through Threat and Intimidation!

In a continuation to the clamp down on freedom of expression, the Delhi Police and the JNU administration have crossed all limits and have started prohibiting photocopying of posters and pamphlets of JNU students. The Delhi Police has threatened photocopy shop owners in localities near JNU and has asked them not to print posters and pamphlets. There are also reports of intimidation and torture of some of the photocopy shop owners by the Delhi Police. In a similar fashion, the JNU administration has asked the photocopy shop owners inside JNU not to print posters and pamphlets.

The JNUSU condemns in strongest words the gagging of voices by the police and the JNU administration misusing power. It further shows that the BJP government and its machinery can stoop down to any level to ensure that no other choice other than their own is allowed. They tried to silence the voice of criticality, democracy and dissent by arresting JNUSU President Kanhaiya, Umar and Anirban. They tried to scare us through sedition charges. But when they have realised that our words are not alone, that they find thousand resonance, they are now trying their best to silence us.

JNUSU will not accept this attempt of gagging at any cost.

(JNUSU Release dated 2 March 2016)

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