JNUSU Resolution on HLEC

Here’s the text of the resolution regarding HLEC passed in the JNU University General Body Meeting (UGBM) dated 12th April, 2016:

Resolution 2: This house rejects the HLEC formed by the JNU administration to look into the 9th February incident. The Constitution of the Committee is undemocratic and biased. Bypassing the Proctorial board and other democratic institutions, the Committee had handpicked anti-student members, most notably the head of the Committee who is in-charge of raising funds for the anti-reservation Youth for Equality. The committee had token additions to it, but no fresh enquiry was conducted. This house mandates the JNUSU to reject the HLEC and oppose any action against students based on the HLEC.

Proposer: Shehla Rashid
Seconder: Rama Naga

Against: 5; For: 80


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