JNUTA condemns the casteist and communal Remark

In utter shock, JNUTA would like to respond to the Times of India report on casteist and communal remarks ascribed to a JNU professor. JNUTA unequivocally condemns the remark made against Dalits and Muslims. Teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru University are in complete disbelief that any colleague can make such remarksthatare derogatory, divisive and disruptive. Such remarks create disharmony in society and are unacceptable by any standard. This reflects the mindset that tries to demonize the poor and marginalized in one or the other way. JNUTA completely disassociates itself from such unconstitutional remarks, which are punishable under law.

JNUTA reassures the people that the teaching community in Jawaharlal Nehru University stands for equality in letter and spirit in all forms and content and does not tolerate any divisive and disruptive ideas and articulation. Any individual doing so is out to destroy the ethos of JNU and the values it stands for. JNUTA strongly condemns such reprehensible behavior from any member of JNU Community.

Ajay Patnaik

President, JNUTA

Bikramaditya K Choudhary

Secretary, JNUTA

JNUTA Statement (PDF)

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