JNUTA on Hunger Strike against Administrative Threat | No Persecution to Satisfy Perception



May 6, 2016

It is painful to know about the publicized administrative threat to JNUTA. In paramount interest of the institutional functioning, JNUTA has given its best to contribute constructively for restoration of normalcy through relentless requests to administration for compassion and natural justice. JNUTA has been concerned about the health of students on Hunger Strike and has requested students on fast to ensure that they follow medical advice and not put their health in danger.


JNUTA met the Vice Chancellor yesterday and was hopeful of getting over this impasse. However, to our utter shock and immense pain JNU administration chose to threaten JNUTA on the basis of hearsay. JNUTA so far has not invited any individual or institution to join the hunger strike. However, it would like to reassert its privilege to call any institution or individual that it finds fit to speak or perform in JNU as it is well within its democratic rights.


JNUTA in this situation is forced to go on a ‘relay hunger strike’ from 7th May 2016 at Administrative Block to oppose threatening tactics to silence voices of elected bodies.


Further, JNUTA would like to reiterate its position that it will oppose all efforts to persecute individuals including students from any institution across the world which is done to satisfy mob outcry and false perceptions. With the moral responsibility of a teacher, JNUTA clamors for compassion and justice and urges JNU administration not to fall prey to the ‘situation’ created by motivated elements to vilify JNU.


No Persecution to satisfy Perception


Prof. Ajay Patnaik
President, JNUTA


Dr. Bikramaditya Choudhary
Secretary, JNUTA


This threatening letter issued by the JNU Registrar is here:



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