JNUTA Press Release, May 13, 2016



May 13, 2016

Press Release

It is shocking to note that JNU Administration under the leadership of the VC squarely refused to reconsider the harsh penalties despite clamors from all quarters including global scientific and academic community. The vulnerable students were forced to seek respite from the court as deadline was looming large. JNUTA expresses its deep anguish and pain at the fact that JNU Administration completely failed in discharging its primary duty of resolving issues within the university. During the last three months JNU Administration adopted an insensitive approach towards students and teachers and its actions do not seem to be impartial.
The University for weeks remained unresponsive towards the genuine demands of teachers and students, forcing many students to go on indefinite fast. Even the worsening health conditions of students owing to indefinite hunger strike or the overwhelming sentiment expressed in Academic Council meeting could not make the VC act in a just and compassionate manner. It is only due to timely intervention by the honorable High Court that harsh penalties are put on hold.

In the current situation, JNUTA appeals to the students to end their hunger strike. The JNUTA assures the student community that it will continue to play its part in ensuring justice is done to all students and their legitimate democratic rights are protected.

On behalf of the JNUTA EC, we would like to congratulate all teachers for coming together and participating with courage and resolve in our collective protest against the serious onslaught from within and outside the university. The ways, in which our colleagues have spontaneously come forward to participate in meetings, protests and Hunger Strikeand contributed through their ideas and actions has inspired the JNUTA EC and given all of us immense strength. We must also at this point acknowledge and express our gratitude for the solidarity that we have been privileged to receive from the academic community in India and across the world as well as from citizens of this country across the spectrum of Indian society, both individually and through their organizations. The Alumni of JNU did contribute in numerous ways to protect the dignity, autonomy and freedom of expressionfor which the University has always been known.

JNUTA once again urges the Vice Chancellor to honour the opinions expressed in the Academic Council and resolve the issues at once by addressing various concerns in an impartial manner if he is serious about winning back the trust of the JNU community.

Prof. Ajay Patnaik
President, JNUTA

Dr. Bikramaditya Choudhary
Secretary, JNUTA

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