Resolution of JNUTA Emergency GBM, May 12, 2016

The General Body of the JNUTA expresses its deep anguish at the continuing recalcitrant attitude of the JNU Administration on the issue of the extremely harsh penalties imposed on students without a fair and impartial enquiry. The JNUTA has consistently maintained that the HLEC process and follow up actions lacked legitimacy and involved gross violations of the principles of natural justice. This was only compounded by the ultimate imposition of extremely severe penalties. The JNUTA reiterates its stand that these must be withdrawn.

The GBM further noted that the University Administration and the Vice Chancellor have so far failed to respect the overwhelming sentiment expressed against the harsh penalties in the meeting of the Academic Council held on 10th May 2016. Instead of considering this opinion, the VC chose to adjourn the meeting abruptly. Subsequently the press release tries to malign the three-month long democratic and peaceful struggle. The GBM unequivocally condemns these attempts and reiterates that it is the JNU Administration led by the VC which has precipitated the crisis in the University forcing an indefinite hunger strike by students for over two weeks.

While noting the VC’s statements that the penalties will not be immediately enforced, the GBM states that these do not address the fundamental concerns expressed by a very large number of the members of the Academic Council through the resolution adopted by them and submitted to the JNU Administration. The GBM demands that the JNU Administration forthwith implement this resolution. The GBM resolved that the University community is fast losing all confidence in the leadership of the University.

JNUTA GBM took note of the fact that the university has yet not started action against those found guilty in HLEC report as well as GSCASH report regarding the Burton’s case. It resolved to demand immediate action against those who falsely accused Dr. Burton when he was performing his assigned duty as warden.

It was shocking for the teachers to note that newly constituted House Allotment Committee does not have representation from JNUTA, JNUSA and JNUOA. The GBM resolved to draw attention of the administration towards this intended lapse and demand to correct it immediately by ensuring representation of each elected body of stakeholders.

It was resolved to communicate our protest to University about the uncalled for letter from COE asking ‘Answer Key’ before examination is over. It was protested on two counts one that it will open the possibility of motivated manipulation in examination and second that due procedure on arriving at a decision (Centre/school/AC/EC) is not followed before issuing any letter/circular.

It also resolves to reiterate the demands that were raised with the VC on 3rd May and subsequently again on 6th May.

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