300 municipal sweepers pool in Rs 10,000 for Kanhaiya’s fine – Times of India

Around 300 sweepers, working as BMC contract labourers, have collected Rs 10,000 to help JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar pay the fine slapped on him by JNU. He is out on bail in a sedition case.

Dadarao Patekar and Sunil Ghagre, BMC contract labourers, were impressed with his speech in Chembur last week. Kanhaiya had talked about injustice taking place with contract labourers, saying they should get minimum wages. “Since his Mumbai visit, Kanhaiya has become their hero,” said Milind Ranade, president of Kachara Vahatuk Shramik Sangh.

“It was a spontaneous reaction from them and not asked by the union. About 300 labourers decided to collect money on their own when they came to know about his fine. Some contributed Rs 20, some Rs 50 and they have managed to collect Rs 10,000 in two days. However, it is yet to be decided how to send the money to Kanhaiya,” said Ranade.

It should be noted that all labourers are Dalit and deprived of minimum wages. “As per rule, they should get Rs 528 minimum wage but get only Rs 350,” added the union leader.

On Saturday, Kanhaiya Kumar said BMC labourers volunteered to pay the fine slapped on him by JNU on grounds of “indiscipline and misconduct”. “We will not pay the fine and fight the unfair HLEC of JNU. But our solidarity long live! Chatra, Mazdoor, Kisaan ekta Zindabad!,” he said in a series of tweets.

Source: 300 municipal sweepers pool in Rs 10,000 for Kanhaiya’s fine – Times of India

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