A history of their own | The Indian Express

Mridula Mukherjee writes in The Indian Express:

An excerpt from the latest edition of Alice in Wonderland, New Delhi, 2016: The Queen of Hearts is in a foul mood. She sees some people shouting, and asks, “The nation wants to know, what are they doing?” The reply is that they are students of a university called JNU who are shouting slogans. “Off with their heads,” she cries, “they are anti-national”. “Jo hukum, sarkar”, is the reply, and her hukum is carried out.

Ten weeks later, she again sees some people carrying lots of books and writing furiously. Incensed, she says, “The nation wants to know, who are they and what are they writing?” The reply is that they are teachers from the same infamous place, JNU, and they are writing books on history. “History? How dare they write on history? Do they not know that I have already passed orders that only those whose name has three letters, starts with R and ends with S, and has S in the middle, can henceforth write on history?” Flying into a temper, she says, “Off with their heads, destroy their books, they are anti-national”.

Source: A history of their own | The Indian Express

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