A voice, under 35: A difficult moment for student politics

These past six months have shown me the kind of challenges that lie ahead for student politics in our country. First, patriarchy is deeply rooted in society and public universities, with many refusing to accept a woman in leadership roles. Second, the university administration enjoys too much power over students, which it abuses when students disagree with it. Third, the autonomy of academic institutions is under severe threat. Ministers in the Central government are using the ABVP and the university administration to harass those who have ideological differences with them. Fourth, dissenting voices are under threat and tolerance is on the decline. And finally, the ABVP, with its record of violence and intimidation, is flourishing under the patronage of the Central government.

It’s the same story everywhere. Be it IIT Madras, FTII Pune, Hyderabad Central University, JNU or IIT-BHU. Other institutions of higher education under the Central government will be headed for the same downward spiral unless students unite in this fight.

Source: A voice, under 35: A difficult moment for student politics

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