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A diktat by the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s administration asking students not to invite outsiders for protests on the campus has not gone down well with the JNU Teachers’ Association (JNUTA), which has launched a protest against the administration by going on a hunger strike from Saturday.

“The JNUTA had met Vice-Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar two days ago with the hope of finding a solution to the ongoing problem. However, to our utter shock, the JNU administration chose to threaten the teachers’ body on the basis of hearsay. The JNUTA has so far not invited any individual or institution to join the hunger strike,” said its secretary, Bikramaitya Choudhary. “However, it would like to reassert that it is the privilege of an elected teachers’ body to call any institution or individual that it finds fit to speak in the university. It is well within its democratic rights,” he added.

In a circular issued on Friday, the JNU administration said: “The JNU Administration has been holding discussions with the JNUTA, JNUSU and the students on hunger strike. It reiterates that the best way to resolve the issues is through dialogue and discussion. It requests all the teachers and students to avoid inviting people from outside the campus for any gathering or activity to press their demands, which could undermine peace and security in the campus.”

Human chain

A group of JNU alumni also joined the protesting students and teachers an observed a hunger strike on Saturday. In the evening, a human chain was formed by students, teachers and alumni in front of the admin block, which has become the hub of all protests in the campus.

Source: Alumni join JNUTA hunger strike – NATIONAL – The Hindu

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