CUJ suspension row snowballs

CUJ suspension row snowballs- Governor livid, ex-JNU prof to move court.

Panini recalled Bhattacharji had approached him in November last year to deliver a lecture. “But, due to reasons known to CUJ, it kept postponing the event till March (2016). Then, the VC had called me personally to invite me,” he said.

Panini added that the vice chancellor called him on March 17 evening, cancelling the visit. “I was in Gurgaon at my daughter’s place. The VC called saying my programme stood cancelled. When I asked why, he said it was due to internal reasons. But when I persisted, he said it was due to my JNU link. I said fine, but requested not to cancel my March 24 connecting return flight ticket from Delhi to Mysore. He said okay. But, that too was cancelled without even telling me. On March 24, when I went to the airport, I got to know then. Rubbish,” he said.

“Panini was never ever holding any ideological view. I remember he used to take classes sincerely without getting involved in any (controversial) activity. They must have mixed up with Prof K.N. Panikkar,” C.P. Bhambri, a retired professor of JNU, said.

Source: CUJ suspension row snowballs

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