Jayati Ghosh: This is a “constructed conspiracy” of the state.

The anti-national debate was given a new perspective at Jawaharlal Nehru University’s speak-in on Saturday as professor of economics Jayati Ghosh said, “A person cannot be anti-national; only policies, state policies can be anti-national.”

“The term in the last few years had been used to fix any political opponent of the government. Justice against Kudankulam nuclear plant is anti-national, those who are looking at the rights of displaced people are anti-nationals, those who are talking about bauxite mines being built in the villages are anti-nationals. This is typically how it’s being used in the discourse. And now we know this whole campus is anti-national.”

Defining the nation as “it is defined in the Constitution,” Ghosh said it is not just about sovereign, secular, democratic republic of India, but, as enshrined in the Constitution, to “ensure justice-social, economic and political in that order”. “Second is to ensure liberty-liberty of expression, thought and religious views and so forth. The third is equality in terms of status and opportunity. And fourth is fraternity. Things that undermine these building blocks of a nation are anti-national,” she said.


Source: ‘No one is anti-national, only policies are’ – Times of India

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