JNU adjourns Council meeting amid high drama over 9 February event – Firstpost

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Tuesday saw high drama at an Academic Council meeting which was adjourned following ruckus caused by heated arguments between teachers, students and administration.

The Academic Council (AC) is the statutory decision making body of the university and this was the first meeting ever since the new Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar took charge in January.

While the university administration alleged that some students “literally pulled his (vc’s) shirt and tried to pin him down” while he was leaving the venue amid ruckus, the students claimed that the VC left following uproar over report of the High Level Enquiry Committee (HLEC) which investigated the controversial 9 February event.

Meanwhile, a group of 52 teachers who are also members of the AC, passed a resolution demanding that “all unreasonable punishments in connection with the February 9 event be revoked”.

“The meeting was not allowed to proceed by a group of teachers and their student supporters who from the very beginning pressed their demand to discuss an issue that was not part of the agenda. The behaviour of these teachers was unruly as they collectively shouted at the chair and sought to force upon him to begin the meeting with their item as first agenda,” a statement issued by the university said.

“As the situation turned into pandemonium, the VC agreed to discuss their agenda. However, a group of teachers sought to force upon the chairperson to take a decision then and there by announcing revocation of the proctorial orders. As a result, there was no alternative left for him but to adjourn the meeting,” it added.


Source: JNU adjourns Council meeting amid high drama over 9 February event – Firstpost

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