What the Nation Really Needs to Know: Teach-ins at the JNU Azadi Chowk

1. Feb 17: Gopal Guru

What Is The Nation?

2. Feb 19: Ari Sitas

South Africa Meets India

3. Feb 20: G. Arunima

The National And Its Regions: How Does It All Add Up?

4. Feb 21: Ayesha Kidwai

Languages or Mother Tongues? India’s Constitution and its Linguistic Diversity

5. Feb 22: Nivedita Menon

“The Nation is a Daily Plebiscite”: Thoughts on Nationalism

6. Feb 25: Tanika Sarkar

Gandhi’s Nation

7. Feb 26: Achin Vanaik

The Power of Nationalism

8. Feb 27: Mridula Mukherjee

Civil Liberties and Indian Nationalism

9. Feb 28: Lawrence Liang

Law and Dissent

10. Feb 29: Ranabir Chakravorty

A Take on Tagore’s Nationalism

11. Mar 1: Mangai

Exploring Tamil Nationalism Historically

12.Mar 4: Apoorvanand

Gandhi’s Last Address

13. Mar 5: Jayati Ghosh

The Anti-national Policies of the NDA

14. Mar 6: Romila Thapar

Nations and History: Then and Now

15. Mar 16: Harbans Mukhia

Nation and History: Then and Now

16. Mar 7: Makarand Paranjpe

“UNCIVIL Wars”: Tagore, Gandhi and What’s Left of the Nation

17. March 8: Sanjay Srivastava

Masculinity and Nationalism

18. Mar 9: Prabhat Patnaik

What it Means to be National

19. Mar 10: Badri Narayan

Dalits and the Hindutva Agenda of Nation-making

20. Mar 11: Jairus Banaji

The Political Culture of Fascism

21. Mar 12: Satish Deshpande

विश्वदृष्टि, विश्वविद्यालय और राष्ट्र (Worldview, University And Nation)

22. Mar 13: Satyajit Rath

विविधता और एकता का व्यविज्ञानिक पहलु (Scientific Aspects of Diversity and Unity)

23. Mar 14: B. S. Butola


24. Mar 16: Gopalji Pradhan

Nationalism and Patriotism

25. Mar 16: Anand Kumar

Nationalism and National Unity in India

26. March 17: Suvir Kaul

At the Limits of Post-colonial Nationalisms

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