Sanghita Sen, Department of Film Studies, University of St. Andrews, UK: An open letter to Comrades of JNU and other Universities of India

Dear Comrades

My words fail to express my agony over this stupid silence of an elected government of an independent country acting like a colonial authority. Their indifference to the students’ health and wellbeing in JNU reminds me of 1981 Irish Hunger Strike and the attitude of the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, an ideological kin of Narendra Modi and ManuSmriti Irani [sans religious Fundamentalism]. They are cruel and callous devoid of human empathy – I don’t want to give them the honour of being called monstrous because that will alienate them from their human form and expected human standards of behaviour in a society. Know that human form doesn’t ensure humane behaviour. Only human beings are capable of such moral and ethical corruption.

Margaret Thatcher remained unperturbed when people were dying in Belfast. An elected MP to the British Parliament Bobby Sands died on 5th May 1981 on the 66th day of his hunger strike. 9 more of his comrades also died. Though their self-immolation radicalised Irish politics, all those valuable lives were lost owing to the perverse standard of human behaviour and lack of empathy of Thatcher who is singularly responsible for miseries of millions of British, Scottish, Irish working class people. Modi and his associates are a new avatar of utterly ruthless politicians like her and some of her more celebrated predecessors who killed people for their sport before and during WWII

It doesn’t matter to likes of Modi and Manu Smriti Irani if all the protestors die. It does not matter to your ABVP classmates in JNU if all of you die. They will look at it as an opportunity to gain complete control over the space that you are fighting to protect. Why do you think they will bother for your failing health? Did they bother when Rohith was forced to his tragic end? Did they pay attention when Rohith and his comrades were on hunger strike? Did they pay attention when Delta was raped and killed? It is not in their system to pay attention to deteriorating human conditions. Had it been the case, there wouldn’t have been 1984 Riot in Delhi massacring the Sikhs, Gujarat riot in 2002 while Modi was the CM of the state [the commission reports show how administration actively engaged in executing the pogrom], or Muzaffarnagar riot in 2013 just before the last parliamentary elections.

Do not die comrades, for they care not for lives. Lives are VOTES for these power mongers. Since you don’t vote for them, why would they care whether are you dead or alive. In fact they would rather have you dead than alive.

Stay alive so that the poison tree of religious fundamentalism and Hindutva fascism could be uprooted from India. You are our only hope. Please don’t give up like this.

In Solidarity with your fight.
Jai Bheem, Laal Selaam
Sanghita Sen
Department of Film Studies
University of St. Andrews, UK

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