Why Queer People Should #StandWithJNU – Gaylaxy Magazine

The JNU controversy is nothing but an attempt by the Government to give out the message that any ideology/remark that doesn’t conform to the government’s stand will be dealt with in the most brutal way. As P. Sainath told in his speech, this is not an attack on JNU, but an attack on dissent and attempt at “criminalization of dissent”. This government has not spelt out its stand clearly on the issue of LGBT rights. If it were to turn hostile openly and crack down on LGBT events and label them anti-national, will we not speak out and seek support from other groups? We protest against a colonial law like Section 377 which has been used to harass and blackmail. We must also protest against Sec 124-A (Sedition), another colonial law which was and still is a tool for harassment. Today, we either stand with JNU, or risk perishing our own freedom.


Source: Why Queer People Should #StandWithJNU – Gaylaxy Magazine

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