Ten Emeritus Professors write to the JNU VC

May 9, 2016.

Dear Vice-Chancellor,

As Emeritus Professors of the JNU we are disturbed by the turn of events at the JNU. The University has always been a space where we allowed free discussion of issues raised by students and faculty. In the course of such discussion whether in seminars or at other informal gatherings, […]

The assault on thought

Prabhat Patnaik writes in The Telegraph

Thinking necessarily involves asking questions. To each question asked there are always several possible answers, and different persons asking the question lean, to start with, towards different answers. Over time, based on the accumulation of evidence and experience, society comes to accept some answers and reject others, and thus […]

JNU row: What it means to be ‘national’ – The Hindu, February 27, 2016

Nationalism that developed in India during the anti-colonial struggle was sui generis, an altogether new phenomenon the like of which the world had not seen earlier. It was essentially a democratic and egalitarian nationalism, as opposed to the aggrandising European form.

JNU row: What it means to be ‘national’ – The Hindu