Hunger strike drags on at JNU

Calcutta Telegraph reports:

JNU teachers and alumni today joined the students’ 10-day-old hunger strike but there was no response from the university administration.

The students are protesting the authorities’ “harsh” punishment of 19 students in connection with a February 9 campus demonstration against the 2013 hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

The JNU teachers’ […]

JNU report sent to cops

The full HLEC Report is available to everyone except the accused.

The Telegraph reports: “JNU has sent its probe report on the February 9 event commemorating Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru’s execution to Delhi police’s anti-terror wing that is investigating the sedition case against Kanhaiya Kumar and others.”


The Telegraph: JNU report sent to […]

Judge finds gaps in JNU inquiry

A former chief justice of the Delhi and Madras high courts today conducted a public hearing on the Afzal Guru event that has led to sedition cases being slapped on three students of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

After hearing submission of facts of the case from documents and reports of investigations – by police, the New […]

The assault on thought

Prabhat Patnaik writes in The Telegraph

Thinking necessarily involves asking questions. To each question asked there are always several possible answers, and different persons asking the question lean, to start with, towards different answers. Over time, based on the accumulation of evidence and experience, society comes to accept some answers and reject others, and thus […]

The burden of proof

Mukul Kesavan in The Telegraph:

We seem to be in the middle of a counter-reformation where new inquisitors refuse to take our citizenship, our innocence if you will, for granted. We – some more than others – are asked to prove our innocence and perform our Indianness to their satisfaction. We should refuse. There is […]

JNU girl on paper trail branded ‘traitor’

Ria Sharma, a student of MA (History) at JNU, went to the National University of Educational Planning and Administration to find out about library facilities there. This is what she was put through by a security guard at the gate:

“Around 4.30pm, a friend and I had reached the gates and been asked where we […]

Honours for JNU

Jawaharlal Nehru University has been named the winner of two of the three Visitor’s Awards President Pranab Mukherjee instituted last year, the laurels coming at a time some have dubbed the varsity a hub of treason.

Honours for JNU

Police plan Big-Brother cameras for JNU

Delhi police are considering a proposal to install CCTV cameras on the JNU campus to keep under surveillance a section of students “who raise anti-national slogans” and participate in protests, sources told The Telegraph today.

Police plan Big-Brother cameras for JNU

Also see an earlier article by Ayesha Kidwai.




JNU students and teachers run into ‘traitor’ label and worse

This morning on the Metro, a student of the School of Languages was asked by a co-passenger whether he was from JNU.

Source: JNU students and teachers run into ‘traitor’ label and worse

Modi’s mates, made in JNU

When BJP MP Maheish Girri labelled Jawaharlal Nehru University a “hub of treason” on Saturday amid the police crackdown on the campus, he was unwittingly belittling not just rivals but also key political, diplomatic, bureaucratic and education leaders of his own party’s government.

Source: Modi’s mates, made in JNU