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If this third-rate nation can produce defiant, intellectually vibrant and throbbingly alive places like JNU, standing proud against the armies of Hindutva, hope lives on. If everyone from Noam Chomsky to The Economist stands in your favour, you must be saying something eminently sensible — and of course, they are.

City profs want Centre’s apology on JNU – Times of India

“The government should have the moral courage to issue an apology to students, teachers and other members of JNU for the baseless allegations that have been made, and drop sedition charges with the same alacrity with which it has taken punitive action. We also take strong objection to the witch-hunting and terror tactics used by […]

Dalit teachers seek apology from JNU prof – Times of India

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) has “condemned” the statement allegedly made by their colleague, Amita Singh, on ‘anti-national’ teachers on campus in an interview. The university’s Dalit teachers held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the issue and sought an apology from her.

Dalit teachers seek apology from JNU prof – Times of […]

Jayati Ghosh: This is a “constructed conspiracy” of the state.

The anti-national debate was given a new perspective at Jawaharlal Nehru University’s speak-in on Saturday as professor of economics Jayati Ghosh said, “A person cannot be anti-national; only policies, state policies can be anti-national.”

“The term in the last few years had been used to fix any political opponent of the government. Justice against Kudankulam […]