www.standwithjnu.org Stands with HCU/UoH.

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The assaults on the University of Hyderabad (HCU) and JNU are part of the same war that has been declared on public education in this country. Everyone who has stood with JNU for the last one and a half months, stands with HCU and JNU today.

Obviously then, the website http://www.standwithjnu.org cannot be just about standing with JNU. We stand with JNU, with HCU, and with all public institutions that are facing the assault from the Sangh Parivar.

The website will strive to bring the news of this assault to rest of the world, and to archive the glorious resistance that students, teachers and staff of these institutions have built to this fascist assault.

In solidarity with comrades in Hyderabad.

We shall fight, we shall win.

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